05-C. Culinary Tour Operator Certification

For existing culinary tour operators like you who want to deliver better quality food and beverage tours, and culinary tour operators who want to certify your business expertise. 

Learn why you need to deliver a memory and not just a meal to your customers, both visitors and locals. 

Logistics: Once enrolled, you’ll have 45 calendar days to complete the certification. Extensions may be purchased for €50 per additional 30 days, up to a maximum of 150 extra days. That said, your access to the content itself never expires.

Language: English
Total Learning Time: 12 hours
Continuing Education Credits: 12

24 Lessons

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24 Lessons in 05-C. Culinary Tour Operator Certification:

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Module 1

Lesson 1


Lesson 2

Benefits of Food Tourism, Are Culinary Tour Right for You? & Your USP: What Makes Culinary Tours Special

Lesson 3

Create a Road Map for Your Company & Designing Culinary Tours That Sell

Lesson 4

Building Your Food Tour Team & Culinary Tour Marketing Basics

Knowledge Test 1

Evaluation of Lessons 1-4

Module 2

Lesson 1

Getting to Know Culinary Travelers Better

Lesson 2

Meeting and Exceeding Customer Expectations & Improving Your Marketing Strategies

Lesson 3

Managing Culinary Tourist Guides, Improving Vendor Relationships, Diversifying Your Portfolio, Customer Service & Scaling Your Food Tour Company

Knowledge Test 2

Evaluation of Lessons 1-3

Industry Insights

How to Differentiate Your Food Tours

FoodTrekking Award winner in the category "Best food on Beverage Tour Experiences"

When Crisis Strikes: How to Manage a Meltdown

Devour Tours, a food tour operator company with presence in several European countries

From Dream to Profitable Business – How to Make Your Food Tourism Idea Work

Juneau Food Tours, a food tour operator in the US State of Alaska

Knowledge Test 3

Evaluation of Industry Insights

Included Templates

Culinary Tour Operator Budget Template

Create a Budget

Abbreviated Business Plan Template

Create a Lean Business Model

Client Contract Template

Contract Template

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