10-C. Culinary Destination Marketer Certification

If you work for a tourism office or government developing products or promoting your area as a culinary destination, then this certification is designed specifically for you!

Learn why you need to deliver a memory and not just a meal to your customers, both visitors and locals.

Logistics: Once enrolled, you’ll have 45 calendar days to complete the certification. Extensions may be purchased for €50 per additional 30 days, up to a maximum of 150 extra days. That said, your access to the content itself never expires.

Language: English
Total Learning Time: 12 hours
Continuing Education Credits: 12

30 Lessons

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Before You Begin

Training Logistics

General Information

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Module 1


Overview of the Course Content

Lesson 1

Culinary Tourist Value Proposition for Destinations

Lesson 2

Designing a Sustainable Culinary Destination

Lesson 3

Defining Your Taste of Place

Knowledge Test 1

Evaluation of Lessons 1-3

Module 2

Lesson 4

Selling Culinary Destination Products

Lesson 5

Promoting a Culinary Destination

Lesson 6

Best Practices & Case Studies

Lesson 7

Measuring Your Culinary Destination Success

Knowledge Test 2

Evaluation of Lessons 4-7

Bonus Materials

Educational Video 1

Example of a Memorable Food Experience

Educational Podcast

Rosetta spent her young life in and around the food industry but chose to seek an alternative path, however, now is dedicated to bespoke itineraries for authentic Italian food tours

Promotional Video

Together, Tourism Australia, Virgin Australia and Delta Air Lines created ‘Someday’ – the interactive web experience.

10 Step Guide to Food Tourism Destination Development

Destination Development

10 Step Sustainable Food Tourism Plan for Destinations

Sustainability Plan

Module 3

Create Your Destination's Culinary SWOT Analysis

Guideline for SWOT Analysis

Upload Your Destination's Culinary SWOT Analysis

Submit your SWOT analysis

Define Your Destination's Culinary USP

Guideline for your USP

Upload Your Destination's Culinary USP

Submit your USP

Brainstorm How to Engage Your Area Restaurants

Guideline for Brainstorm

Upload Your Brainstorm How to Engage Your Area Restaurants

Submit your Brainstorm

Create Your Culinary Asset Inventory

Guideline for your Culinary Asset Inventory

Upload Your Culinary Asset Inventory

Submit your Culinary Asset Inventory

Write Your Culinary Destination Strategy [10 pages]

Guideline for Your Culinary Destination Strategy

Upload Your Culinary Destination Strategy [10 pages]

Submit Your Culinary Destination Strategy

Oral Interview

Guideline for Your Oral Interview

Final Steps

Learner Survey

Student Feedback

Your Badge & Diploma

Final Step