For culinary tourist guides of all types, including food tourist guides, wine tourist guides, beer tourist guides, distillery tourist guides, food/beverage manufacturing tourist guides, and similar roles. Tour directors and tour managers are also eligible to apply.  


Our Certification

As the number of culinary tour companies grows, so does the demand for culinary tourist guides. There is a wide range of talent among culinary guides. Some guides have been professionally trained, while many others have not. Some guides have great personalities, but limited knowledge of the local culinary culture, which is a disservice to their customers. This masterclass is designed to train to a consistent level, with the end goal of delivering a high-quality culinary tour with the highest chance of receiving the highest ratings from customers. 

Learn why you need to deliver a memory, and not just a meal to your customers, both visitors and locals.


    You will need to provide two letters of recommendation from the industry (vendors you work with, tourism office, or companies that employ you as a guide, etc.) If you are applying through one of our partners, you do not need any letters of recommendation.

Documents Needed

    A copy of your currently valid tourist guide license. If your area does not require a tourist guide license, then you will need to explain why. If you are applying through one of our partners, please contact us for the correct documents needed for your situation.

Who It's For

    The training is relevant for professional tourist guides, tour directors, or tour managers. You need to have been operating for at least one year.  

Your Benefits

  • Full-year premium level listing for you as a Culinary-Certified Tourist Guide on our World Food Travel Market platform (€149 value)
  • Completion certificate
  • Digital badge (to use on your website)
  • Color enamel lapel pin (pictured right) to wear on tour

What You Will Learn

  • Understand the culinary tourist guide profession
  • Understand the characteristics of a successful culinary tourist guide
  • What makes culinary tours so special
  • What a good culinary tourist guide should do– and not do
  • What food- and beverage-loving travelers like and don’t like
  • What to do to not just meet, but exceed, customer expectations
  • How to solve specific types of problems unique to culinary tours

The Certification Includes

  • 2 training videos
  • Bonus materials (podcasts, videos & downloads)
  • Advisor time, up to 2 x 30-minute of phone and Zoom support, plus email
  • Verification of your business or your tourist guide license
  • Lifetime course access

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Once enrolled, you’ll have 45 calendar days to complete the certification itself. Extensions may be purchased for €50 per additional 30 days, up to a maximum of 150 extra days. That said, your access to the content itself never expires.

Instructors: WFTA Academy

Language: English

Total Learning Time: 8 hours

Continuing Education Credits: 8

Payment Options

    Credit or debit card online, or bank transfer. If you prefer to pay by bank transfer, then do NOT click Enroll Now. Instead, please contact us here first for different instructions. 

Course Evaluation

  • 1 quiz
  • Final written examination


    After completing this course successfully (obtaining at least 75% in both the quiz and the written examination), you will receive the completion certificate corresponding to 8 continuing education credits. 

Certification Content


" I very much enjoyed the certification program. There were many things I had not considered. Now I will be a better tour leader. "

by Tatiana R. from Toronto, Canada.

"Having been in the industry while, it was time to sharpen my tools and get a better understanding of the food and wine traveler and what they look for. What I got with the WFTA certification program was way more than what I expected. And while I have experience with culinary travelers, having a certification meant a lot to me. The WFTA’s international reputation, as well as my business listing on the marketplace after I graduated, sealed the deal for me."

by Biagio T. from USA & Italy

" Excellent content, very helpful advisor. Well-organized program with quality materials. Some things were new to me as well, like how Americans and Europeans have different profiles. Highly recommended."

by Mary F. from Dublin, Ireland.

Terms & Conditions

This Certification is awarded to one individual working as a Tourist Guide, Tour Director, or Tour Manager. If you complete the Certified Culinary Tourist Guide program and then move on to a different company, your certification moves with you, but it never applies to the organization you work for. 

 One student per registration. It is against the Terms to share content with others. Students have 45 calendar days to complete the training. Payment is taken at the time of registration by debit card or credit card. If you prefer to pay by bank transfer, please contact us before registering. We will process your payment manually and give you a special code to bypass the credit card payment step. Please note that we do not provide VAT invoices (we do not charge VAT or any other taxes on our products and services). If you require a VAT invoice, there is a Є10 fee.