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Ambassador Training & Certification

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Private, invitation-only training and certification for ambassador candidates of the World Food Travel Association.

Interested in getting started as an Ambassador? You can learn more here about our exclusive Ambassador program, including how to get started, what the duties are, your benefits, etc. Then when you're ready, you can sign up for membership here. Once you're a member, write to us and let us know you are a member who is interested in learning more about ambassador training.

Here is the course outline:

1. Getting Started

Here is what you can expect during your certification training.

2. Ambassador Training, Part 1

First training video.

3. Ambassador Training, Part 2

Second training video.

4. Optional Resources & Downloads

Additional resources to round out your learning experience.

5. Knowledge Test

Required knowledge test

6. Your Workplan

Required annual workplan

7. Ambassador Publicity

In this section, we'll explain the next steps that you can expect as part of your Ambassador Certification.

8. Program Review

How did we do?

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